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Klamath Freedom Celebration: A Gathering For and About America!

For our 8th annual year we are proud to introduce to you the Klamath Falls Freedom Celebration series 2017!
The Celebration Series as always is set to honor all active and non-active Military, Police, Firemen and Women who have served this Country and their families, as well as the community, who share the sacrifice with them.
The Klamath Freedom Celebration has also joined the Fight against Cancer with Chris’s Causes

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2017 Klamath Freedom Days Schedule


If you would like to be a Volunteer for this Patriotic Series of events,  contact Kryssi Heitman  at 541-591-1732 or email



Basins Best Fund Raiser


It's never too late to donate.

Net percentage of proceeds go to the following charities:

"Chris's Causes"

Klamath Freedom Foundation


For more event information, see our Contacts Page for contact info of our coordinators.


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